Community Education Building

To build the best educational support system possible that allows every student who walks through our doors an equitable opportunity to be successful.

About Community Education Building

Mission: To build the best educational support system possible that allows every student who walks through our doors an equitable opportunity to be successful.

The Community Education Building (CEB) has a vision to transform lives through equitable education opportunity.

Our Why:
The CEB exists to ensure that every child has an equitable opportunity to succeed in school and is prepared for life after high school. We envision a world where families thrive, and students succeed regardless of their race or zip code. It starts with what we know about the inequities in education and with a recognition that schools can’t do everything alone. We understand that many students are affected by many adversities and come to school with all of that on their shoulders.  We believe that student success begins with family stability. We seek to provide every student equitable access to a high-quality education by meeting the needs of the whole child and the whole family.   
How We Work:  
The CEB is an innovative model to ensure that every student in achieves his/her potential.   CEB is a connector, a navigator, and a gap filler.  We integrate with schools to connect students and their families access to resources and opportunities that mitigate the many different challenges they face.   CEB provides students and parents with a navigator that provides coaching, mentorship, and coordination of resources.   With a growing network of over 40 partners, we connect or provide needed resources to families.   CEB is a learning and growing organization with a focus on authentic and trusting relationships with our community.   Through these relationships, we are responsive to the changing landscape of challenges and opportunities in our community.  
What This Looks Like:  
Roughly 1,300 students in grades K-college come to the CEB to learn and grow.   Our population is primarily Wilmington residents.   We owns and operates the 9 story former MBNA building which has been transformed into an educational hub with 4 schools, and 6 mission aligned nonprofit organizations. Together with CEB, our tenant partners with expertise across five areas of wellness to provide a holistic community of care and support for both students and families.  In addition to services provided by our partners, we directly support students through our Student Advocacy System and families through our Family Resource Center. 
Thanks to the generosity of Bank of America more than a decade ago, Longwood has been on a journey to change education in Wilmington.   In 2012 The Longwood Foundation was gifted BBIV from Bank of America and supported the 270,000 sq ft building renovation to create an integrated home for schools and social service partners.  Longwood established the Community Education Building as a non-profit to manage the building and coordinate the efforts of the resident partners with the purpose of support schools and students so that our coordinated whole is greater than its parts.   

County Served: New Castle

Office Location(s): Wilmington

Sector: BIPOC-Led (Sr/Exec Leadership); Community Advocacy; Community Improvement; Education; Food, Agriculture, & Nutrition; Healthcare; Human Services; Kids; Mental Health & Crisis Prevention; Neighborhoods; Public & Societal Benefit; Youth Development