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Reel Families for Change is a nationally-serving, Delaware-based nonprofit committed to achieving workplace justice for American screen-workers and arts laborers.  We take particular interest in the traditionally underrepresented and multi-marginalized populations of our workforce, including but not limited to: women; BIPOCs; parents, guardians, and caregivers; LGBTQIA+ individuals; veterans; and the differently abled.

Our newest initiative, the Delaware Collective for Creative Economy (DCCE), aims to resolve one of the nation's largest "brain drains". Currently, Delaware is #1 in the nation for student attrition, with 71% percent of college/university students leaving the state to find their first jobs. The DCCE aims to tackle this by zeroing in on three major areas:

  1. Industry Access/Local Jobs
    In addition to the 71% percent of students who leave the state in search of their first jobs, nearly 99% of for-profit arts workers and artist-entrepreneurs have to export their services or commute out of state to sustain themselves and their families.  Our work aims to help Delaware better leverage their human and geographical assets to create living wage jobs and benefit the state as a whole.

  2. Integrated Arts Experiences
    Delaware yearns to be somewhere that people settle down to raise a family, build their businesses, and live their lives. However, it's missing a vital attractor: integrated arts experiences. In addition to arts consumption and observation, individuals desire to participate in the creation, curation, and instruction of  art.  While workshops, studios, intensives, and open houses exist in Delaware they are sparse, sporadic, or hidden. The Collective aims to centralize this information, raise awareness, and expand the presence of these opportunities for residents, both current and future, throughout the state.

  3. Strengthening ties between the First State's for-profit and non-profit arts entities
    Arts and culture conservation has long been a priority for the First State, as evidenced by our operational budgets, per capita spending, and economic recovery policies related to the sector.  Unfortunately, much of this is reflected in the nonprofit subset of the arts and culture community with little to no support for creative enterprises or gig-based artisans. However, studies show that when the two are cohesively supported by state initiatives and incentives, for-profit/commercial artmaking typically fortifies its nonprofit counterparts.  By helping to bridge this gap, DCCE aims to reimagine our current creative economy infrastructure and make Delaware a national envy of arts and culture hubs.

When a state has a thriving arts and culture ecosystem, it has been proven to:
  • Create jobs;
  • Stimulate the local economy;
  • Reduce crime and recidivism;
  • Spur educational achievement; and
  • Boost innovation and technological advancement.

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About Reel Families for Change

Mission: Reel Families for Change, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit thinktank committed to generating meaningful, effective solutions for working families in the arts.

As a Delaware-chartered organization, our efforts center around bolstering the emerging creative economy with policy and best practices. 

States with a thriving creative economy have been proven to have:
  • greater recession resilience and faster economic recovery;
  • stronger innovation, design, and discovery in their technological and medical advancements;
  • decreased crime and recidivism;
  • increased civic engagement and social well-being; and
  • higher student graduation rates and overall student success.