CAMP Rehoboth

CAMP Rehoboth is an LGBTQ+ community center dedicated to Creating A More Positive (CAMP) environment that is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities in Southern Delaware and beyond.

$1,880 raised from 31 donors

$2,021 goal

SPONSOR one of our MANY important needs listed below!  THANK YOU!

With so many things happening in the world over the last year because of the pandemic, CAMP Rehoboth did the COVID shuffle and quickly made changes so that the essential, life-supporting and health-sustaining programming, so many rely on, could shift to Virtual and/or properly socially distanced operations.   
CAMP Rehoboth continued to be there for our Community!!
And now, we need YOU and your support!

Here are some examples of the ways your funds will help CAMP Rehoboth and help with the matching funds we need!
Every:     $15. will allow CAMP Rehoboth to purchase a Book for a deserving Youth to allow them to participate in that month's YouthUP! Book Club.
Every:     $35. will help with one month's cost to complete upgrades needed to CAMP Rehoboth's 21+ year old phone system.
Every:     $50. allows a person to receive a Counseling session, which CAMP Rehoboth offers FREE to the community.
Every:      $75. helps CAMP Rehoboth with our Advocacy and Communications about our efforts by helping us maintain the costs of keeping our Media and Social Media Systems up to date.
Every:     $99. will help pay for the cost associated with a monthly fee to upgrade our 14 year old  Donor Relations and Database system.
Every:     $110. allows for a weekly meditation/self-enrichment class, for anyone in the community.
Every:     $129 will allow CAMP Rehoboth to purchase a Kindle Reader to  help those who are unable due to costs, to participate in the Book Club.
Every:     $135 allows us to continue our weekly Yoga classes -- which anyone in the community can attend for Free and which went virtual in 2020. This class not only strengthens bodies, but was a lifeline and helped participants feel connected to others during the times of pandemic isolation. 
Every:     $250 helps with consultants and the costs to make-over and upgrade our 12 year old website and internet equipment, so that the community can access Letters from CAMP Rehoboth and essential health, wellness and arts and human resources more easily than ever before.  

Many of you know of CAMP Rehoboth and CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, with its beautiful Elkins-Archibald Atrium.   
CAMP Rehoboth Community Center hosts many and celebrated Arts & Cultural Programs which include CAMP Chorus, 11+ art exhibits per year, Open Mic nights, Handmade Local Artist Markets, the visual arts, and theater productions.   
We have Health and Wellness Programs which include free counseling, wellness classes like Yoga, support groups and speakers on a multitude of engaging, interesting and important topics, as well as Free HIV and STI testing.
A fun, lively and exciting array of annual Community Building Events, like Women's Fest, Sundance, and CAMP Families Weekend are ALL what make CAMP Rehoboth the special place that it is. 
And as a cornerstone to all we do, CAMP Rehoboth prides itself for being the voice for many who need Advocacy and support. A beacon in the community for Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness. 

One of our newer and more exciting program offerings has grown exponentially in the last two years and involves the Youth of our community. And in the very short time of its existence, the Youth UP program (formerly called THRIVE Youth) has made amazing strides and is helping to improve and change the lives of youth around the state of Delaware -- and beyond. This program reaches out to LGBTQA+ youth in Sussex County and helps to begin to dismantle the disparities and isolation these students feel.  Over the course of 2020 we worked to connect students to resources and community support into over 11 Schools in the surrounding areas.   
THAT covers a wide breath of our community.

As you know, there are many amazing reasons to support CAMP Rehoboth. 

Today, however, we are asking you to support CAMP Rehoboth during this fun DO MORE24 Statewide Day of Giving and Generosity and Philathropy so that we match a grant that will allow us to continue all of this incredible work and sustain it into the future!

Please donate today as you are able, and as always, thank you for your support of CAMP Rehoboth.

About CAMP Rehoboth

Mission: CAMP Rehoboth is an LGBTQ+ community center dedicated to Creating A More Positive (CAMP) environment that is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities in Southern Delaware and beyond.

CAMP Rehoboth seeks to promote cooperation, well-being, and understanding among all people, as it continues working to build a safer community with room for all.

VISION: CAMP Rehoboth envisions communities in Southern Delaware and beyond where all LGBTQ+ people thrive.