Developing Artist Collaboration

Transforming Communities by Elevating Artists.

About Developing Artist Collaboration

Mission: Transforming Communities by Elevating Artists.

DAC is an Artist-First Movement. We uplift Artists by providing career development, peer connection, and access to opportunities while also strengthening their connections with the community. We believe this model will empower Artists to build profitable and fulfilling creative careers.

Here at DAC, we are dedicated to forging a vibrant and fulfilled creative community. This begins with transforming the Artist’s scarcity mindset to one of abundance, while simultaneously educating the public about the importance of Artists in society. If Artists have a stable career foundation that allows their basic needs to be met, they in turn are able to put their skills towards innovative, creative projects that support social causes and enrich our communities. We do this through education, peer connection, and opportunities to grow personally and professionally to achieve the next level of their creative journey.

County Served: Sussex

Office Location(s): Rehoboth Beach

Sector: Arts & Culture; DDOA Grantee