A Wave Of Healthy Meals

To improve the health and well-being of people by preparing and delivering weekly, free, healthy meals to those undergoing cancer treatment in Sussex County.

About A Wave Of Healthy Meals

Mission: To improve the health and well-being of people by preparing and delivering weekly, free, healthy meals to those undergoing cancer treatment in Sussex County.

“There is no doubt in my mind that without A Wave of Healthy Meals I would have required greater medical intervention and not be as strong as I am moving into radiation.”
“Thank you so much for helping us both through these challenging times. It really helped our stress levels and we learned so much from your wonderful recipes. The power of food and the knowledge of cooking it makes a difference in the body healing process. Thank you again for your help.”

“I just wanted to pass along a huge thank you! The MRI was clean and I had chemo yesterday- coming home to a refrigerator stocked with good food was really great. “
“There is no way that I can thank you enough, tell you how much it helps me, and how much I enjoy your home cooked meals. Felt like a kid again with my mother spoiling me when I was sick. Thank YOU for all that you do.” Marilyn

“I SO appreciate all you and your volunteers do. Knowing that there are healthy meals waiting for me in the fridge is such a wonderful gift during this time!”
“Just finished today's soup. Amazing!! Just what the doctor ordered. Can't wait to have the fresh fruit salad tomorrow.”

“My story , I am a 67 year old man who was diagnosed with very aggressive prostate cancer. My doctors created an aggressive treatment plan which included 3 forms of Chemotherapy. One of my Doctors suggested I eat a healthy Mediterranean Diet and sign up for the Live Strong Program at the local YMCA. The program would have guest speakers about nutrition and diet.
One of the guest speakers was Denise Vansant from Waves of Healthy Meals, she spoke of cancer fighting foods, she also introduced us to different cook books and the food delivery program that Waves of Healthy Meals provides to cancer patients."

"I live alone and during my treatments, there were times I did not have the energy to make food to eat or even go grocery shopping. I started having meals delivered from Waves of Healthy Meals. The foods provided are prepared to combat cancer and have the best nutrition possible. The best part is they taste great. The volunteers who deliver the foods where caring, friendly and always asking about how I doing, what I called a wellness check, they would ask if there were any foods we liked or did not like."

"Denise is such compassion and caring person I have a nut allergy and she makes sure any foods for me are nut free, I know this has to create an extra burden on her since she is preparing foods for many others that may not require the extra care need to prepare foods with out the nuts etc. I can not express how much Wave of Healthy Meals has helped me through my cancer treatment. The meals provided were at great help getting through the week. I believe the healthy cancer fighting foods are helping me fight this cancer and eating healthier. I spokes with my Doctors and they were impressed with the menus and the cancer fighting foods provided by Waves of Healthy Meals.  I would and have recommended this service to other cancer patients.”

County Served: Sussex

Office Location(s): Rehoboth Beach

Sector: Food, Agriculture, & Nutrition