The Finishing Touch #GIVINGTUESDAY

A fundraiser for Serviam Girls Academy

$16,615 raised from 37 donors

$10,000 goal

You were with us to secure the historic window, and you were there with us to get the safety equipment.....we are almost ready for the "Upper Room" to be transformed into a gym-A-caf-A-torium....we just need the finishing touches! Below are just a few of the needed items. Serviam's goal is to raise at least $10,000.

Item Description | Price | Qty | Cost
Wall Pads: 2” pads | $73 | 65 | $4,745
Basketball Hoop | $1,600 | 1 | $1,600
Student Uniform Cubbies/hooks | $270 | 8 | $2,160
Storage Shelving | $124 | 16 | $2,000
Portable Dance Barres - 8 ft. | $195 | 2 | $390
Mirrors - glassless 5’x7’ on wheels | $555 | 2 | $1,110

Can you help us out?

About Serviam Girls Academy

Mission: Cultivating the potential of young women through a challenging, holistic education rooted in the Ursuline tradition. Vision: Empowering young women, changing the world.

Serviam Girls Academy cultivates the potential of  young women through a challenging, holistic education rooted in the Ursuline tradition. Families must qualify for the Federal free/reduced school lunch program in order to enroll. As a NativityMiguel model middle school, Serviam partners with the parents and students to offer an extended 10-hour day; extended 10.5-month year including a mandatory four-week summer program; small class sizes; and, a graduate support program that follows Serviam alumnae through high school graduation and in college. As an agent of transformation for youth in its community, Serviam’s mission to nurture the whole child through the profound power of education is working for the underserved young women in its program. Serviam’s new students typically matriculate at or below grade level, yet enter high school at or above grade level. Additionally, 98% of Serviam alumnae have graduated or will graduate on time from high school, compared to an overall state average of 87%, and of 78% for the state’s low-income population (2017). Further, 80% of our college-aged alumnae are enrolled in college. Serviam Girls Academy provides this exceptional education to New Castle County’s underserved girls tuition-free. It is almost 100% donor driven without a guaranteed funding stream. Thus, without tuition, state or federal funding, or a parent or alumnae base to support the school, Serviam raises over $1 million annually from individual donors (53%), foundations (26%), events (18%), and fees/investments (3%). Additionally, last year alone almost 300 volunteers contributed over 3800 service hours, translating into an additional contribution of about $96,600 of (Independent Sector). The transformative nature of Serviam’s mission extends beyond its students to the active and engaged donor pool who help sustain the mission.