Frank & Bryce are going to Zip It Up!

A fundraiser for Camping for Coats 2023 (7th Annual) (Delaware KIDS Fund)

$5,425 raised from 83 donors

$5,000 goal

I’m Frank Pagliaro.

I’m fundraising for Camping for Coats 2023 (7th Annual) (Delaware KIDS Fund).

We’re starting a new Thanksgiving tradition: On Friday night, November 17th Frank & Bryce  are going to Zip It Up!  Together along with 50 other supporters of the Delaware Kid’s Fund we are going to “Camp Out for Coats“ - by actually sleeping overnight outdoors in Downtown Newport! - as a part of Operation Warm Newport which raises money to purchase brand new coats for local kids in need right here in Delaware. We’re not collecting old coats, we’re collecting old dollar bills -  in any denomination!  - to buy NEW coats! Please consider a donation so Bryce & Frank can help needy kids Zip It Up!

For each and every friend reading this who clicks onto the link to make a donation in any amount FranksWine on North Union Street will contribute an old $10 bill to Delaware Kids Fund as a thank-you:-) So if 12 of you donate, that’s $120... if 120 of you donate, that’s $1,200!   

Please step it up so together we can help Zip It Up!

CHEERS & Happy Franksgiving!
Frank & Bryce